Broken Glass Jello

I was first introduced to this tasty dessert quite a few years ago. My sister, Wennicha, invited us to a potluck dinner at the Science Museum where she used to volunteer at. Her friend’s mom was the person who brought in the broken glass jello and I remembered how amazingly cool it looked. I asked myself, “How did they get the colored jello to look like that inside the white gelatin?” It was something I couldn’t wrap my mind around until I learned how to make it myself. Thanks to my cousin, Laichia, for also sharing with me her recipe that I was able to learn how to make this colorful dessert. As I experimented, I also learned how to make this into something I can call my own. This choice of dessert is great for weddings, parties, or even work potlucks. It’s something that – I promise you – kids love and even the grown ups do, too.

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Easter Strawberry Chocolate Carrots

Happy Easter Sunday (in two weeks)! Easter is such a fun holiday for kids. It’s that time of the year where treats come in vibrant colors and a plethora of adorable shapes. These strawberry chocolate carrots were inspired by rainbow carrots and they make such a fun project to do with the kiddos. If you’re still looking for a fun treat to make or a hands-on activity to engage the kids in this Easter, be sure to give this recipe a try!

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