Kab Yaub (Hmong Egg Rolls)

One of my favorite childhood foods that have a special place in my heart – “Kab Yaub” or Hmong egg rolls. We made them occasionally and especially looked forward to family gatherings because chances were, we knew we would be having some. 😉 Aside from getting to eat them, I look forward to rolling the egg rolls the most because it takes so much skill to roll them beautifully. Can anyone else relate? It’s always so much fun to roll them with a group of family members and/or friends, especially when you’re making A LOT. It’s such a great opportunity to catch up and spend quality time. 🙂 At home before I married Sam, my mom, sisters and I would roll the egg rolls and my brothers would fry them outside in the garage. Very much like the times my family and I wrapped spring rolls, we also liked to compare our egg rolls. Egg rolls are well known as a delicious appetizer, but in my family, along with many other Hmong families, they’re much more than just appetizers. It’s more like a main dish for us. We would eat kab yaub with white rice, and then maybe some sauce or pepper on the side.

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Fresh Spring Rolls

My favorite moments making spring rolls are with my mom and sisters. After placing all the ingredients onto the center of the table, we would gather around with our own plates and roll them together. This memory always stays with me as a captured moment of heart-to-heart conversations and laughter, and playing catch up on life. We would later compare our spring rolls and comment about the various attributes of each individual spring roll. These are some of the most cherished memories of my life. To welcome the first day of spring, I decided to make these yummy fresh spring rolls!

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Crock-Pot Panang Curry Pork Meatballs

If you liked my chicken panang curry recipe, you might enjoy this one as well – especially if you like meatballs. Sam and I received a crock-pot as a wedding gift and its been sitting in our storage room ever since so we’ve finally decided to put it to some good use! Believe it or not, it’s my first time owning a crock-pot so I’ve never experienced a slow cooker like this before. It’s been exciting to test out different recipes with it!

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Sesame Pork Potstickers

Happy Chinese New Years! In celebration of this wonderful holiday, I’ve decided to make these sesame pork potstickers. 😀 It’s a great joy to be able to enjoy these with family and friends close by, and welcome the new year of the monkey.

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